Vegetable Garden

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First day of spring yesterday, but it has felt like spring since early February. The cherry blossoms are glorious on our street. The daffodil bulbs mom gave me last summer are blooming. The Asian Pear trees are covered in white blossoms, even though Rob pruned them like mad.

We spent yesterday, Saturday, creating a container garden. Spent a lot of time and two trips to Home Depot planning how to build it. We considered wood planks and concreate edging we already had and also bought that bendy board lawn edging. Ultimately , we used an existing rectangle container along our pathway. It’s only 12 sf but we dug out buckets and buckets of gravel and added 10 sf of compost , peat moss and Miracle Gro potting soil. The soil cost about $40. Rob found two huge worms and carefully kept them safe until time to give them to their new veggie garden home. They dove like a submarine.

Rob bought bags of rocks and that new rubber bark for around our deck to hopefully keep raccoons paws from tracking so much mud around our deck. Everythink is looking good in our yard.

Sunday morning and Rob is perusing Craigslist to see what 2007 Camry Hybrids are selling for and planning for when we get the Nissan Leaf, moving one of our Camry’s along. The rain is pouring down, but we’re still going to go to the West Seattle Farmers Market to buy strawberry plants for our hanging baskets.


The Stones

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Kidney stones may break my bones. Friday and Saturday ground to a halt while I endured. I felt that familier pressure Thursday evening after hoeing weeds for several hours and I thought I just overdid it. But Friday mid-morning a stone stabbed me in the right flank and kept swirling that blade around my insides until I drove myself to Urgent Care at 4pm.

Just as I was onramping to I-5, the symptom I’d forgotten about hit: nausea. I fought it back and kept a grocery bag – double bagged – in my lap all the way to the hospital on Capital Hill. Ironically, I think my stone passed while I was giving them something to test.

I felt tons better – it’s all about relief and thankfulness of a non-pain moment – that evening. The next morning at about the same time as the day before the pain slammed into me. This time I didn’t hesitate to take my expired hydromorphine from my 2007 kidney stones. It may have shaved off the acute pain, but it still hurt to move, not move, lie down, stand, sit.

I’d been looking forward to seeing The Runaways movie and Rob had worked from home that day, so we went to the 4:430 showing. It helped to distract me, but by the time I got home, I drank some water and suddenly felt nauseous, throwing up. Wow – that’s like only the third time in my adult life that I’ve thrown up. The evening was all about trying to get relief. It’s a nice distraction to hang out with the raccoons. One was waiting for my nightly dogfood hand-out and as soon as I scattered the balls of food, nine raccoons immediately showed up. They’re so adorable as they watch me watch them.

After I threw up a second time, Rob reminded me I had another old prescription for anti-nausea pills from the last stones. That did the trick – and another dose of expired hydromorphine – and I fell into lovely, blissful sleep through the din of Real Time with Bill Maher. I woke up to HBO’s Funny or Die and I was feeling no pain. I was so happy at that prospect, I found Rob downstairs on the computer and we sat side by side surfing around the net until about 2am.

This morning – Sunday – I feel elated! I made my latte (even tho I shouldn’t) and did my morning routine getting all the bird feeders filled and set up. (I take them down every night to keep the raccons from stealing them.) Now it’s off to try a new breakfast cafe in West Seattle.

I decided to start journaling again. For me.

Hot August Day

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It’s back up to 90 degrees today. I got out early and fertilized and watered the lawn.

Mom called and we talked about her first day at painting class – she brought a clematis to paint. Rob and I will visit this weekend and he’ll add a splitter to her TV antenna so she can be free of Dish.

C showed up last night after being gone four days. She went straight to her room without a word and stayed there from 6pm until she ran out the door to work at 11am the next day. Wierd girl.

Tasks are Memories

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My memory is lazy. No, stagnant, No, attrophied. Redemptively, I’m a listmaker. I have more To Do’s than Seacrest, written on square paper from my never-ending ceramic rose notepad or stashed electronically in my gmail drafts. For some compulsive reason, I thought I’d list some here before I throw away half-completed lists. Maybe they’ll jar an interesting memory at some random time in the future.

Spring 2009
Check CD Rates: In April, just before Easter and the last time I talked with my dad awake and alert, we explored and compared CD rates at banks. He was opening a new one the day he fell in the parking lot, wrenched his back and took the turn for the worse. <pause to wipe my tears – I miss him!>

COBRA: What a go-around. We had to pay for 3 months we didn’t know we were covered and the admins kept sending us Premera cards when we opted for Group Health. We were deemed not eligible for the Obama subsidy and then were granted it, saving us 80%.

Thank you card for Britt: I still haven’t done this and now it’s too late. She was a nurse at St. Anthonys and was especially sensitive on Dad’s last day.

Javascript virus: Boy, a pain. All my websites were infected with it over and over, sometimes reinfected a few days after cleaning them. It started 3/3 and I believe the last infection was 5/17. I hope it remains dead.

Group Health Hug

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I made my first visit to the Group Health endocrinologist. Already, I love him more than Dr. Ross in Tacoma, Frowny, as I described him to Dr. Benson. Even more than Dr. Benson and his Career Day resident tailing him, I love Group Health. Wow – this is what managed health care should be. Way beyond actual medicine, the experience is refined and smooth. Signage, big, bright and bold: “Go Here, Take Nubmer, Sign In”. The decor is modern and stylish – perhaps because this is the main Seattle campus. The people are shiney and peppy. No Tacoma drones and delays and dower receptionists here.

I switched from Synthroid to Lovothroid. Ross would have had a cow, but both the doc and the pharmacist explained that any fluctuation is minimal and just as a transition. Looks like I’ll also have a sonagram of my thyroid to make sure no cancer has reappeared two years after the fact.

The more I drive in downtown Seattle, the better I feel for the city. I still dislike the traffic and crowds, but experience breeds confidence.

Cathy emailed that she may not go with mom to Colorado in September and would I mind going. Actually, yeah. I like that. Crazy about that Uncle Johnny.

Last night, Michael came over to get help with his phone. Rob gave him another one and his stay grew to this marathon. He left around 3:30am when Rob finally came to bed. I just don’t get it how his kids don’t see that Rob has to be alert and productive every morning at work. Carolyn has hardcore expectations that we must wait on her call and pick her up asap after she gets off work, which can be anything from midnight to 4am. Meanwhile, Michael was hinting around that he wants to live here. I figured that was why he was staying so late – so he could just sleep here and then never leave. He says his mom is impossible and constantly telling him to move out (warning sign for me). I suggested he live with Rachel, but he says they like their space. I’m certain this relocation is a pending issue that will bring strife and division. Rats.

In other news: it’s 87, I’m hot and Si has been making himself as long and comatose as possible on my work desk. Despite the heat, how could I possible improve on my working conditions? An hour ago, I watched a piliated woodpecker carve out a nice chunk of suet ten feet from me. Now, at least ten LLB’s (little brown birds) are hanging off the suet and nibbling like mad.

Countdown Brain

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My brain keeps cycling back to “You could be working 9-5 in Redmond in a few weeks”. What that does to the adreneline… I’m listing crazily.

Oh, great. Carolyn just ran up looking like she woke up under a truck leaking oil, having slept in her clothes and make-up.: “Can you take me to work!” She should have been to the first day of her new job ten min. ago and her boss called her and woke her up this minute: “You have ten people waiting on you right now.” Carolyn told her she’s “almost there, just running late” . Then she told me that she was working at Wet Seal until really late. Of course, she came home with a guy at 2am, doggie bag in hand. I called her on it – that she was not working at night, but out with someone. She just blinked and was silent.

Two hours NOT working, not cramming Forest Rain tasks into my possible limited time: I take C to work and then get all lost and happy at Grocery Outlet. But now I’m back and I just learned that CCINW may be going away as a client.  They’re leaving AMI, but I don’t know if they’re staying with me a la Sky Island. Consequently, the CCINW invoice for the last 8 months has risen to top priority.

Tonight: fiber-rich split pea soup from scratch. I’m happy and now I must be healthy and organized. <ETA: It took a few hours to go over each task performed on their behalf, but the invoice is done and sent: $821!>

Disappointing news: Jeffery Donovan is arrested for DUI in Miami. I like his Burn Notice character. I’m just reminded that people – even 41 year olds – make innane choices. Okay, maybe I don’t drink, but my own issue is Under the Influence of Sugar/Fat/Caffeine.

Lincoln Park Sunday

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Rob and I have great Sundays together. We were awakened by Carolyn barging in at 7:30 asking for a ride to the bus stop. Despite my ‘no’, Rob took her. We then slept and watched Bill Maher. He had a great rant comparing complacent and spoiled Americans to Michael Jackson.

We then progressed/transgressed to “Minority Report”, but finally got productive with Rob sorting out a moving box that’s been in his closet one year (“There’s my passport!”) and me transplanting the purple clover mom gave me yesterday and doing general spiffing of the home. We also got caught up in Dr. Oz’ Anti-Aging Checklist and took a bunch of supplements, vowing to eat more fiber and basic foods.

Early evening we drove to Lincoln Park, walked to the beach and sat on a driftwood log until after 8pm, watching the Fauntleroy Ferry travel in and out of the dock. We mostly talked about Microsoft and Rob’s future, but also our home value, my prospects from last weeks job interview for Academy Mobile and, of course, my step-kids and their wonky lives.

We drove past the Guadalajara Mexican Restuarant a block from the ferry and decided that a muy mondo burrito was more urgently needed than healthy fiber-oriented home fare.

Back home, we watched NBC Nightly News, per usual, and a National Geo show about human settlement on the moon.