About The Girl

As long as I can remember, I’ve retreated to my cabin in the woods. It’s my mental escape, my future goal, my wildlife fantasy. This blog is my cabin in the woods. It’s real world counterpart is in Enchanted Valley below Anderson Pass in the Olympic National Park.

Rob and Dana at The World's Largest Spruce in the Quinault Rain Forest

Rob and Dana at The World's Largest Spruce in the Quinault Rain Forest


10 Responses to “About The Girl”

  1. Wow honored to have my Flickr photos of the Enchanted Valley on your blog. 🙂

  2. I am in awe of your photography – and perhaps maybe a little of you, based on your adventures and eye for composition. I’m glad you have a positive reaction to my grabbing your Flickr feed!

  3. What an awesome picture of you and Rob!

  4. Forgot to mention that I rode my harley through Olympic National park a few years ago…awesome! Who knew there was a rain forest in the United states? Well..there ya go.

  5. Nancy, you adventurous soul, you. Are you saying you were at the handlebars and over the throbbing engine for 2,000 miles up the coast? Seriously, I hope you took your helmet off as you drove through the forests so you could smell the green and hear the surf. Where else have you ridden? Or is it easier to ask where haven’t yet ridden?

    PS: Thank you about the picture! We were still dating in that one.

  6. Yes I was straddling my harley all the way across the US-back through Canada ( the rockies are spectacular) to Victoria, then back down the coast. That one was 10,000 miles in 3 weeks. Haven’t done that is a few years though. The saddle on that bike gets harder and harder every year, lol!

    I’ve ridden through the Swiss and Italian Alps as well.

  7. Goodness! I’m floored! In awe! Lucky to know you. So were you riding around Hollywood in the late ’80’s? Could we have possibly been in the same Harley group on a Sunday ride through the hills of Mulholland or at the Rock Store?

  8. No sadly didn’t start on my own until 93. We just missed each other…

  9. Hey Dana!

    Where are you hiding? I keep tuning in to this station and all I get is re-runs..typical.

  10. What serendipity! After the whole BL postpartum, I drifted, but remained interested in you and your wonderful work and writing
    (and I hope by now, radio and podcasting- your voice!).

    Thank you for responding to my WP invite. I’ve added you as a contributor, if you are ever interested in going beyond commentary.

    I’ve had one heck of a year, and more not-fun before me, but reading your writing will provide a salve.

    God Bless,

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