Cath’s Bday


My coworkers outside my office window

We spent Sunday at SeaFox Farm with Mom, Cathy and Garry. Garry created quite a delicious gourmet spread for the family: two lasagnes, green beans, exotic breads and salads. I brought my homemade pico di gallo and lemon bars. Cathy’s birthday cake was from Alki Bakery – so many types of chocolate – my new fave. The BEST gift was that mom excerpted notes from her journal about Cathy’s ‘firsts’ during her first ten years. I must get a copy but we all laughed so hard. Cathy’s first prayer: God bless the rats!

Right now I’m looking at one of the raccoon families: mom and her three babies. They hang out in the bird feeder grove and lounge, waiting for me to toss them peanuts and cat food from my window. One baby is playing in the bowl of the bird bath. They’re responsible for knocking it over so many times that the stand is toast, so I just fill the blow with water at ground level.

I’m working on the huge and ancient BOMA invoice. I have about 150 tasks remaining to enter into Paymo and then I can invoice them. I must do so by tomorrow, the last day of August – or at least that’s the goal I’ve set. It covers all of my work from 2003 – 2008. Earlier, I billed them from 2009 to the present. As far as very late past due billing goes, once BOMA is caught up, I only have work on compiling one for Unfortunately, some clients that Ihave billed are really difficult to get to pay. The guys I must continue to coax old payment from are Heritage Stallions ($1095), Real Estate Radio ($1260) and the NSCA ($1121). Laggers to paying an invoice for months is Lori Larson and IBG. Both IBG and HibGib have chosen to let their sites die rather than pay. The bummer is I had just waived all hosting and updates for HibGib for 4 years $more than $700), only charging her for June-July and she paid those two months and quit. IBG, ironically, called me last year to create their site and I did it the SAME DAY, not even taking time to change out of my pj’s) and it took them about 8 month to pay me. But the first day I talked with them about creating their site, they specifically complained to me about their first webmaster who never did the work and kept them hanging and then moved without telling them how to get in touch, taking their money and not doing the work. Yes, I have bad feelings about those deadbeat pretenders. Oh, well – thank goodness I love doing my web work so that it takes the edge off not getting paid.

I heard a wonderful compliment today. Paul Camuso, William Shatner’s webmaster, videographer and a nice guy, posted the folloiwng on my Facebook Wall this morning:
“I met an actor (it’s his first movie) on a movie set yesterday who mentioned and your podcasts. He loved them!” YAY!


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