DEVO 1981, Revisited

DEVO concert in San Bernardino, Dec. 12, 1981. I didn't go to this show, but did go to the one in Hollywood around the same time.

I discovered one of my old journals this morning and sat down to try to read my 21-year-old handwriting. I’d completely forgotten that I’d seen DEVO at the Hollywood Palladium.

From December 12, 1981:

“I worked 8 hours and then got off, rushed home, concertized myself for DEVO, picked up my long lost concert buddy Linden and resurrected our old days at Coco’s – she paid. Then we picked up our dessert at Ernies Liquer and wow – what a night!

I know my impressions of most Hollywood forum type concerts and they’re generally negative. Well, you know Orange Show is no club – but despite its auditorium set up, it was more of a club. To think DEVO sold out the Forum and people passed up San Bernardino for some reason. Well, there are a bit of spuds in the area. A lot. And Inland punks are generally of the Old School, none of this fashion stuff. Just real people. And they don’t have to feel they must live up to the media representation of themselves. They’re friendly. Maybe because they know they’re going to run into each other occasionally at Central City.

An interesting note to the show – some thing I commend the people responsible for was the absence of a warm-up band and the ingenius addition of film-song segments of “Mongoloid”, “Through Being Cool”, “It’s a Wonderful Word”, etc.  We warmed up very nicely to that and by the time the group came out, the kids were sweaty and keyed.

As illustration – my bodily position was basically right against the stage. Before the chorus of the first song, I was somewhere in the middle of the auditorium, having gotten there without knowingly moving my feet in that direction and minus shoes.

Needless to say, as soon as I got out of that mess, I dived back in. Hey – it’s fun. Speaking of diving, there was none. Except for one guy long before the concert began who did a wonderful back flip off the stage. Note: I met two kids from La Sierra, Loma Linda Academy, John Leslie and ever sexy yet timid Bullet Boy Tom Cardwell.”

Interesting sidenote – Richard Pryor performed two dates in December 1981 – the same month DEVO played – and was filmed for the theatrical release Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip


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