I’m sorry, groundcover

Between raindrops, I started the process of pulling out the groundcover where we will put our new container garden. I transplanted all the grape hyacinth in the area, but it still hurts to end the life of any living, growing, green life.

Si supervising clearing grouncdover

I made huge headway with my FRS spreadsheet for 2009 and 2010. Feels good to be on top of my business accounting. I have now billed NSCA, NWRendezvous, IFMA and CCINW in the past 30 days. Now for BOMA, WSSHE and the really tardy, long overdue IEC. Then all the smaller, delinquent clients. I have two clients that I billed last summer that keep ignoring paying me, so I’ll have to nudge them with a sharp elbow.

I finally downloaded pictures off my cell phone – the oldest was from last October at the Denver airport with mom. The cell. SO much digital organizing to do. So many retired computers that need to be gleaned, cleaned and recycled. Projects like Uncle John’s book needing to be Kindlized, Linsay’s Naval retirement ceremony converted to a good video format, video of Doug Sharp’s last pastoring day at the Port Orchard Church. The list never ends.

My two favorite people doing their favorite past-time |Rob and JoAnn, Feb. 2010


~ by enchantedvalley on March 31, 2010.

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