Vegetable Garden

First day of spring yesterday, but it has felt like spring since early February. The cherry blossoms are glorious on our street. The daffodil bulbs mom gave me last summer are blooming. The Asian Pear trees are covered in white blossoms, even though Rob pruned them like mad.

We spent yesterday, Saturday, creating a container garden. Spent a lot of time and two trips to Home Depot planning how to build it. We considered wood planks and concreate edging we already had and also bought that bendy board lawn edging. Ultimately , we used an existing rectangle container along our pathway. It’s only 12 sf but we dug out buckets and buckets of gravel and added 10 sf of compost , peat moss and Miracle Gro potting soil. The soil cost about $40. Rob found two huge worms and carefully kept them safe until time to give them to their new veggie garden home. They dove like a submarine.

Rob bought bags of rocks and that new rubber bark for around our deck to hopefully keep raccoons paws from tracking so much mud around our deck. Everythink is looking good in our yard.

Sunday morning and Rob is perusing Craigslist to see what 2007 Camry Hybrids are selling for and planning for when we get the Nissan Leaf, moving one of our Camry’s along. The rain is pouring down, but we’re still going to go to the West Seattle Farmers Market to buy strawberry plants for our hanging baskets.


~ by enchantedvalley on March 21, 2010.

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