The Stones

Kidney stones may break my bones. Friday and Saturday ground to a halt while I endured. I felt that familier pressure Thursday evening after hoeing weeds for several hours and I thought I just overdid it. But Friday mid-morning a stone stabbed me in the right flank and kept swirling that blade around my insides until I drove myself to Urgent Care at 4pm.

Just as I was onramping to I-5, the symptom I’d forgotten about hit: nausea. I fought it back and kept a grocery bag – double bagged – in my lap all the way to the hospital on Capital Hill. Ironically, I think my stone passed while I was giving them something to test.

I felt tons better – it’s all about relief and thankfulness of a non-pain moment – that evening. The next morning at about the same time as the day before the pain slammed into me. This time I didn’t hesitate to take my expired hydromorphine from my 2007 kidney stones. It may have shaved off the acute pain, but it still hurt to move, not move, lie down, stand, sit.

I’d been looking forward to seeing The Runaways movie and Rob had worked from home that day, so we went to the 4:430 showing. It helped to distract me, but by the time I got home, I drank some water and suddenly felt nauseous, throwing up. Wow – that’s like only the third time in my adult life that I’ve thrown up. The evening was all about trying to get relief. It’s a nice distraction to hang out with the raccoons. One was waiting for my nightly dogfood hand-out and as soon as I scattered the balls of food, nine raccoons immediately showed up. They’re so adorable as they watch me watch them.

After I threw up a second time, Rob reminded me I had another old prescription for anti-nausea pills from the last stones. That did the trick – and another dose of expired hydromorphine – and I fell into lovely, blissful sleep through the din of Real Time with Bill Maher. I woke up to HBO’s Funny or Die and I was feeling no pain. I was so happy at that prospect, I found Rob downstairs on the computer and we sat side by side surfing around the net until about 2am.

This morning – Sunday – I feel elated! I made my latte (even tho I shouldn’t) and did my morning routine getting all the bird feeders filled and set up. (I take them down every night to keep the raccons from stealing them.) Now it’s off to try a new breakfast cafe in West Seattle.

I decided to start journaling again. For me.


~ by enchantedvalley on March 20, 2010.

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