Tasks are Memories

My memory is lazy. No, stagnant, No, attrophied. Redemptively, I’m a listmaker. I have more To Do’s than Seacrest, written on square paper from my never-ending ceramic rose notepad or stashed electronically in my gmail drafts. For some compulsive reason, I thought I’d list some here before I throw away half-completed lists. Maybe they’ll jar an interesting memory at some random time in the future.

Spring 2009
Check CD Rates: In April, just before Easter and the last time I talked with my dad awake and alert, we explored and compared CD rates at banks. He was opening a new one the day he fell in the parking lot, wrenched his back and took the turn for the worse. <pause to wipe my tears – I miss him!>

COBRA: What a go-around. We had to pay for 3 months we didn’t know we were covered and the admins kept sending us Premera cards when we opted for Group Health. We were deemed not eligible for the Obama subsidy and then were granted it, saving us 80%.

Thank you card for Britt: I still haven’t done this and now it’s too late. She was a nurse at St. Anthonys and was especially sensitive on Dad’s last day.

Javascript virus: Boy, a pain. All my websites were infected with it over and over, sometimes reinfected a few days after cleaning them. It started 3/3 and I believe the last infection was 5/17. I hope it remains dead.


~ by enchantedvalley on August 11, 2009.

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