Group Health Hug

I made my first visit to the Group Health endocrinologist. Already, I love him more than Dr. Ross in Tacoma, Frowny, as I described him to Dr. Benson. Even more than Dr. Benson and his Career Day resident tailing him, I love Group Health. Wow – this is what managed health care should be. Way beyond actual medicine, the experience is refined and smooth. Signage, big, bright and bold: “Go Here, Take Nubmer, Sign In”. The decor is modern and stylish – perhaps because this is the main Seattle campus. The people are shiney and peppy. No Tacoma drones and delays and dower receptionists here.

I switched from Synthroid to Lovothroid. Ross would have had a cow, but both the doc and the pharmacist explained that any fluctuation is minimal and just as a transition. Looks like I’ll also have a sonagram of my thyroid to make sure no cancer has reappeared two years after the fact.

The more I drive in downtown Seattle, the better I feel for the city. I still dislike the traffic and crowds, but experience breeds confidence.

Cathy emailed that she may not go with mom to Colorado in September and would I mind going. Actually, yeah. I like that. Crazy about that Uncle Johnny.

Last night, Michael came over to get help with his phone. Rob gave him another one and his stay grew to this marathon. He left around 3:30am when Rob finally came to bed. I just don’t get it how his kids don’t see that Rob has to be alert and productive every morning at work. Carolyn has hardcore expectations that we must wait on her call and pick her up asap after she gets off work, which can be anything from midnight to 4am. Meanwhile, Michael was hinting around that he wants to live here. I figured that was why he was staying so late – so he could just sleep here and then never leave. He says his mom is impossible and constantly telling him to move out (warning sign for me). I suggested he live with Rachel, but he says they like their space. I’m certain this relocation is a pending issue that will bring strife and division. Rats.

In other news: it’s 87, I’m hot and Si has been making himself as long and comatose as possible on my work desk. Despite the heat, how could I possible improve on my working conditions? An hour ago, I watched a piliated woodpecker carve out a nice chunk of suet ten feet from me. Now, at least ten LLB’s (little brown birds) are hanging off the suet and nibbling like mad.


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