Countdown Brain

My brain keeps cycling back to “You could be working 9-5 in Redmond in a few weeks”. What that does to the adreneline… I’m listing crazily.

Oh, great. Carolyn just ran up looking like she woke up under a truck leaking oil, having slept in her clothes and make-up.: “Can you take me to work!” She should have been to the first day of her new job ten min. ago and her boss called her and woke her up this minute: “You have ten people waiting on you right now.” Carolyn told her she’s “almost there, just running late” . Then she told me that she was working at Wet Seal until really late. Of course, she came home with a guy at 2am, doggie bag in hand. I called her on it – that she was not working at night, but out with someone. She just blinked and was silent.

Two hours NOT working, not cramming Forest Rain tasks into my possible limited time: I take C to work and then get all lost and happy at Grocery Outlet. But now I’m back and I just learned that CCINW may be going away as a client.  They’re leaving AMI, but I don’t know if they’re staying with me a la Sky Island. Consequently, the CCINW invoice for the last 8 months has risen to top priority.

Tonight: fiber-rich split pea soup from scratch. I’m happy and now I must be healthy and organized. <ETA: It took a few hours to go over each task performed on their behalf, but the invoice is done and sent: $821!>

Disappointing news: Jeffery Donovan is arrested for DUI in Miami. I like his Burn Notice character. I’m just reminded that people – even 41 year olds – make innane choices. Okay, maybe I don’t drink, but my own issue is Under the Influence of Sugar/Fat/Caffeine.


~ by enchantedvalley on July 20, 2009.

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