Lincoln Park Sunday

Rob and I have great Sundays together. We were awakened by Carolyn barging in at 7:30 asking for a ride to the bus stop. Despite my ‘no’, Rob took her. We then slept and watched Bill Maher. He had a great rant comparing complacent and spoiled Americans to Michael Jackson.

We then progressed/transgressed to “Minority Report”, but finally got productive with Rob sorting out a moving box that’s been in his closet one year (“There’s my passport!”) and me transplanting the purple clover mom gave me yesterday and doing general spiffing of the home. We also got caught up in Dr. Oz’ Anti-Aging Checklist and took a bunch of supplements, vowing to eat more fiber and basic foods.

Early evening we drove to Lincoln Park, walked to the beach and sat on a driftwood log until after 8pm, watching the Fauntleroy Ferry travel in and out of the dock. We mostly talked about Microsoft and Rob’s future, but also our home value, my prospects from last weeks job interview for Academy Mobile and, of course, my step-kids and their wonky lives.

We drove past the Guadalajara Mexican Restuarant a block from the ferry and decided that a muy mondo burrito was more urgently needed than healthy fiber-oriented home fare.

Back home, we watched NBC Nightly News, per usual, and a National Geo show about human settlement on the moon.


~ by enchantedvalley on July 19, 2009.

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