On kids, too much stuff – and a Zune/iTunes rendevous

Rob’s been in Vegas for the past four days at the New Media Expo, where Zune has an exhibit. It’s 107 degrees there and 95 here. Not a huge fan of anything over 80. This comes from 15 years in So. Cal. Rob told me he hung out until 3 am with his counterpart at iTunes. You’d think that was corporately illegal – and I love it. Rob’s said in the past that the only person who gets what he does is the guy at iTunes. I bet they really had a wonderful time venting about podcast backlogs. Apparently, there were 3-4 guys from iTunes and just Rob from Zune. I was all, “They outgunned you.” And he joked it took two of them to equal one of him (Rob’s 6’8″).

So C update: In my previous C rant a few posts below, this car-stealing all-nighter happened while Rob was last out of town. So here we go again.

She didn’t come home last night. She went to a party about 8pm. She didn’t say a word – just here and then gone. Of course, I knew she was going from her myspace, but she never told me. So I asked if she were doing anything. “I don’t know.” She just refuses to abide by our small requests. I told her just yesterday again that I don’t mind if she wanted to go out last night, but I just would like to know so I can plan.

BTW, living non-stop with her (as opposed to just weekends throughout her life) has opened my eyes about the damage growing up with a mom of dubious quality can inflict. She has turned into (or perhaps always been) her mom and worse, because of the teenager quotient. She’s 18, but her maturity level is stuck at 15, which means she now thinks she is an adult with rights. She doesn’t have to listen to her parents. She only just started going boy-crazy this past year and there’s massive amounts of drinking, naked photos via text message (I discovered these last night. Never leave a step-parent alone with your cell phone open), something called ‘hookah parties’ (I thought I was saavy in the ways of the world, but no).

She does have an industrious side – she put her resume on Craigslist and got two jobs out of it. She’ll be a lobby receptionist/security at Amgen, a genetic research firm, and a barista at Qwest Field for all the Seahawks games this season.

She starts working A LOT in a few days – six days/week. I’m not going to say anything to her anymore about the things that drive me up the wall: messing with my computer, leaving lights and tv on,  a trash bedroom, wet towels on floor, etc., because she’s going to be occupied a lot soon enough and coming here just to sleep and, in a few months, she’ll have enough to buy a car (watch out, fellow drivers)  and then we’ll never see her.

Yesterday I worked in the garage most of the day. Moving boxes and stuff hauled from one much-larger-house. We went from 2800sf to 2300sf as well as a 3-car garage to a 2-car garage. There is now a small path from one side to the other and things are going on shelves in a thoughtful, orderly manner. We still have too much, though.

 Moving makes you realize you don't need so much stuff

My Peppermint Patty vending machines are gone! Travis bought them from my Craigslist ad. I cleand them up, but can’t find the keys needed to fill candy and empty quarters. I spent hours looking. Travis is cool and gave me the money, anyway, and I will find those keys and get them to him. So much money lost, though.  I paid over $7000 for 25 machines, did the business for a handful of months, hated it and they sat in our garage for years. I sold them for a whopping $285, which is the cost of just one machine. I’ve been momentarily enamored with several entreprenuerial business opportunities throughout my life (ask me about running a recording studio and flipping houses sometime), so maybe I should learn something here.

I dedicate m relative peace of mind to my own kid – Si the Cat. Si is my buddy. Here he is in one of his favorite spots – the landing on our staircase – where he can keep tabs on all movement. BTW, we had this spindle staircase put in just before we moved in. We couldn’t stand the whole drywall stairway thing and Rob was absolutely resolute that this remodel has to happen, even if the tune it sang was $7500.

Nothing happens with notice

Nothing happens without notice


~ by enchantedvalley on August 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “On kids, too much stuff – and a Zune/iTunes rendevous”

  1. Maybe once she gets ( and keeps) a job, she will shake that “stupid” fog out of her head. A job will teach her some discipline and self worth. Good luck.
    Peppermint Patty ?

  2. Oh, yes. It IS a fog. You’re right. It settles in and obscures seeing anything clearly or from a 1000′ level. If she works these long hours – and her job starts at 6am and I’m driving her every morning – then all she’ll want to do is sleep in her off hours.

    Oh, OK. Pepperming PattIE, not PattY! I can never remember which is the girl and which the candy.

  3. like them both!

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