Uncle John

C ran out the door when S honked: “Going to the beach!” “You’re coming back tonight, right?” “Uhhh, yeah.” Well, waited dinner, waited bedtime, morning comes, no call, no text and no C. Reformation aborted. I’m driving her to a job interview today so we’ll see if she shows up in time.

Recycling/Refuse day: I adore recycling and yet why is putting out a 2/3rds empty garbage can on the curb feel wasteful? I want to get my moneys worth, but I can’t produce enough trash. This is a good thing, of course, but still. Even though I had a lot of pressing work, I also didn’t like putting out the yard waste recycling 2/3rds empty so I weeded and deadheaded rhodies for an hour.  Ironically, I’m not without plenty of stuff to get rid of: my garage is full of probably 60 boxes from the move that don’t have a place in the house. I’d say half of them contain items from my mostly defunct recording studio endeavor. Lots of files, books (I donated all my bookcases and most of my books, but I was in the book industry 20 years), 20 Peppermint Patty vending machines that I haven’t been able to sell on Craigslist. I have GOT to clean out the garage.

Today is all about Uncle John. He’s my dad’s brother, 80 years old, lives in Surprise, AZ and just published his book “The Abortion Controversy”. I made a website for it and today I’m trying to square away getting it up on Amazon.com. Must figure out where to send copies and they’ll fulfill orders. This is a huge book – 620 pages, something like 2,000 annotations. He sent 600 free copies to all the members of congress and the senate, as well as other thought leaders. He is a PR powerhouse. He’s been passionate about religious liberty his entire life and, although deeply religious and a pastor, he takes quite a different stance on abortion than anyone would imagine. He is ferociously against the government telling any individual what to do with regards to beliefs such as this.

We talked by phone this morning. In two days, he’s leaving for Bosnia for 5 weeks. We have family over there (he’s full Serbian, I’m half – our last name was Bogdanovich) and he published a book on religious liberty in Yugoslavian (well, one of the languages from that region) and distributed thousands over there. He’ll be conducting several weeks worth of presentations in several cities. The man just got back last weekend from a month cruise around Greece and the Med. He loves that area and took his kids (my cousins) and his grandkids – spent about $35,000 on that trip. A lot of his funds come from the LIttle Debbie (snack cakes) empire. Little Debbie (now in her 40’s) is a second cousin and just got married last year.

While we were talking today, he told me how he starts his day at 4am, walks, eats his flax, doesn’t ever take any medicine and controls his blood pressure through diet alone. He is SO healthy, having never touched a drop of alcohol, never smoked, always a vegetarian. We’re Seventh-day Adventists, so it’s a way of life for us, although I’ve certainly stumbled off that health road from time to time. He told me the story of losing Wyn, his wife and my aunt. Not to the brain tumor, which had disappeared, but to a steroid overdose in treating the tumor. While talking about her final two days, he stopped, choked up, it was so, so sad. She told him, “Take care of yourself and don’t be sad. Something good is going to happen in two days.” She had a great day the next day, on Sabbath, with family and passed away early Sunday morning. This was in the mid-90’s, right about the time I married Rob. Aunt Wyn was an effervescent woman, stylish and kind. Uncle John remains in love with her and, when asked, will tell you he will never date or get married again. That’s commitment.

Uncle John

Uncle John


~ by enchantedvalley on August 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Uncle John”

  1. Peppermint Patty? Is there something you haven’t told us Dana?

  2. Is that an innuendo I’m too innocent to pick up on? But to clarify, yeah. I thought I’d be entreprenuer girl a few years back and collect quarters from my vending machines in bars and restaurants.

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